We are thrilled to introduce Queering Dreams & our fabulous Co-Creators this November to you & the world.
We gathered an intergenerational group of Black, Indigenous, queer, non-binary, and disabled neighbors to dream abolition & share those dreams with each…
We've loved this little newsletter, but we are growing much bigger than this site can handle, and we need your help so we can share all the good work of…
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Learn what you can expect at any of the Queering Dreams November Events.
Queering Dreams cultivates belonging in virtual space so we can deepen our relations today & into the future in a manner that moves us along our pathway…
How We Make Change Happen For Ourselves, Together
All the links to Queering Dreams & Our Co-Creators All In One Long List
Are you an immigrant artist or an artist who is a comrade to immigrant artists? We have 13 spots open for Virtual Artist Salons. Here's how to show…
Can't concentrate during lectures? Struggle paying attention to Police Commission or Land Use meetings? Artist Todd Berman shares a technique to help…
There's a whole world of fabulousness that's a part of the Queering Dreams Network
Crystal shares how they first connected with Community Boards & how dreaming strengthens connections across space and time.
Our Co-Creators are co-creating myriad pathways towards liberation, and we'd love for you to join them (AND US!) this Spring. Here's how.