We are thrilled to introduce Queering Dreams & our fabulous Co-Creators this November to you & the world.
We'd love for you to join us in co-creating pathways to our liberation. Here's some ways you can join us.
You don't have to hide your weird, queer, magical self with us. In fact, you might discover even a thing or two about your ethnography and cosmology.
Improv Player & Arts Advocate Momos Cheeskos uses play, delight, and passion to help us loosen up, talk story, and embody our liberation
Are you stuck on a narrative loop? Trying to quiet the nagging voice in your head? Want to tell yourself a different story? Join us & let's liberate ou…
Can't concentrate during lectures? Struggle paying attention to Police Commission or Land Use meetings? Artist Todd Berman shares a technique to help y…
Rupy C. Tut & Jason Wyman invite immigrant artists of any practice living anywhere to join us for tea.
Queering Dreams workshops kick-off today and tomorrow, where Crystal Mason & Jason Wyman hold space & time to dream.
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