Sketchnoting with Todd Berman

Can't concentrate during lectures? Struggle paying attention to Police Commission or Land Use meetings? Artist Todd Berman shares a technique to help you focus & make meaning.

Calling All Students & Organizers & Abolitionists & Public Meeting Observers & Doodlers

San Francisco artist Todd Berman has developed a practice of Sketchnoting that helps anyone keep engaged with didactic (and yet crucial) meetings, events, and workshops. It’s an excellent tool for any activist, organizer, or community group to use to observe critical public meetings (like thePolice Commission or Land Use or Board of Education) or to help your constituents make meaning of and find stories to share from the policies being discussed.

For Sketchnoting Dreaming Abolition (a two-part workshop), we will use a portion of a recording from an intergenerational conversation co-created by Keyssh, Jason Wyman, Crystal Mason, Kapi’olani Lee, and the Alliance Youth Media Network that brings together youth media artists and abolition organizers to dream abolition and discover possible collective actions to help move us towards our liberation (from capitalism & White Supremacy & patriarchy & ableism & colonialism & all oppression & tyranny.)

In Loosening Up: Exercises to Get Ready to Sketchnote on Monday, November 15, 2021 from 2pm to 4pm PT / 5pm to 7pm ET, Todd will introduce fun exercises & share simple considerations that will help anyone of any skill become looser & more fluid with their mark making. You’ll leave with prompts to help you practice your doodling over the next week.

In Sketchnoting Dreaming Abolition on Monday, November 22, 2021 from 2pm to 4pm PT / 5pm to 7pm ET, Todd will help you use your mark making / doodling as a way to “listen” to any presentation or talk, deeply look at what you’ve created, and then create something that interprets all you’re witnessing. By the end, you’ll have a visual record of collective Dreams of / for / about Abolition you can share (or not.)

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Todd & Jason Talk Sketchnoting

Artists Todd Berman and Jason Wyman sit down and share a bit more about sketchnoting. Plus, you get a peek into their process of creating the workshop.

Todd Berman

Todd Berman is a San Francisco artist who usually has a sketchbook in hand. His art reflects the colorful eccentricity bound within moments and individuals; depicting scenes of people coming together to improve their surroundings.

Todd documents political meetings and community art events with sketchnotes that he publishes with the local news outlet, Mission Local, and on his own website. He also uses his art as an educator to deepen understanding in all subjects as a specialist in arts integration. He manages Where Art Lives, a program providing arts education for students of San Francisco public schools. You may have seen his crowd-sourced City of Awesome paintings when they filled 10 public buses as part of the 2015 SF Muni Art program.

Todd was born in the hills of West Virginia, grew up on Long Island, NY, and has been making art and exhibiting in San Francisco since 1998.

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