Queering Dreams with Crystal Mason & Jason Wyman against a background of illustrations of Crystal and Jason with white stars over them.

Welcome To Queering Dreams!

We believe our ability to dream has been truncated & made small by the oppressive systems under which we live, love & desire. By queering our dreams we seek to widen & expand what is possible outside the prerogatives of oppressive systems. We queer the idea of what is normal & or expected; we interrogate the way things are & how they can be. While we are queer-centered, we welcome anyone who is interested in abolishing all systems of oppression & domination.

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Queering Dreams’ Tree of Change

A white illustration of an apple tree with a pink canopy and bright yellow flowers and apples. A bird is flying away with a yellow apple in it beak on the top left. A butterfly with pollen is flying away on the top right. The Queering Dreams Tree includes the following text: “Birds: Co-Creators, Butterflies: Comrades & Neighbors, Flowers: Community Media Production, Fruits: Co-Creator Incubator, Canopy: Our Guiding Values, Trunk: Our Mission, Roots: Our Grounding Dreams, Soil: Community Archive & Directory, Seed: The Dreams of Those Who Came Before”. It is all set against a black backdrop. Along the bottom it reads, “QUEERING DREAMS by Crystal Mason & Jason Wyman”

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Our Seed / From What We Spring

We come with open hearts, full of gifts, & a willingness to be in the process of co-creation.

We bring with us dreams of liberation from those who came before & make community with those who understand:

We must do better.

Our Soil / Archive

We cannot sprout & grow without nourishment from fertile soil, which comes only from deep, careful tending.

We tend to our soil by adding to it the knowledge, talents, & resources shared by our neighbors, comrades, & co-creators & noting what nutrients get added.

We believe paying attention to & documenting what we draw from helps us build upon the legacies, labor, land, & wisdoms of our relations & ancestors. By archiving our soil, we also provide the means for others to tend to & cultivate their own.

Our Roots / Dreams

We believe in the power of neighbors near & far dreaming in community to:

  • co-create shared dreams & visions of what it can look, feel, & be like to live, to love, & to build something new, outside the prerogatives of systems of oppression & domination,

  • cultivate intimacy, vulnerability, & belonging across ages, identities, territories, cultures, genders, sexualities, (dis)abilities, beliefs, …,

  • heal our selves & our relations as a way to begin naming generational wounds.

Our Trunk / Mission

We co-create gatherings in space & time liberated from the confines of all systems of oppression, if even only momentarily, so that we all can:

  • experience care, belonging, & a fullness of being,

  • collectively make meaning of the world & cosmos around us,

  • share talents, resources, & stories among ourselves & with our neighbors.

Our Canopy / Values

We value consent, conversation, communal dreaming, relations & relationships, accessibility, community media, relations / relationship, & freedom.

We continually practice our values through co-creating their meaning with our neighbors.

Our Flowers / Media

We attract our comrades & neighbors through making & sharing media & art that tell stories of Our Praxis / Tree (e.g. our seed, dreams / roots, mission / trunk, values / canopy, ...).

We seek to make clear both aesthetically & linguistically who we are & what we stand for, so others can better decide whether to join or support us.

We know broadcasting Our Praxis opens ourselves to criticism, & we desire to better understand criticisms, feedback, & critiques of Our Praxis so we continue orienting ourselves towards our collective liberation.

Our Fruits / Incubator

We work with our co-creators to incubate & grow connections, learnings & ways of being together & apart that foster feelings of belonging, intimacy & vulnerability.

We enter into the creative process to share & exchange what is known & unknown & to realize our collective dreams of doing better through a specific, time-bound project.

Our Co-Creator Incubator is our way of growing not just more Queering Dreams Trees, but birthing worlds without systems of oppression & domination.

Four panel comic. First panel is someone looking out at an atomic explosion between two trees. Underneath it reads, "It may feel like and actually be the end of the world..." Panel two is the same someone dreaming of a tree with the words land back, abolition, reparations, well-being, justice, and liberation on it. It looks like someone else is dreaming off panel. Underneath it reads, "but I still wanna dream..." Panel three is two people looking at a tree full of hearts. Each person is holding a heart. Underneath it reads, "...and co-create a world without oppression with you." Panel four: a frame with a hand reaching up touch a dream, a tree, and a heart. Underneath it reads, "So let's be comrades."

Our Butterflies / Neighbors & Comrades

A neighbor is someone close in proximity to us either geographically or virtually or politically.

A neighbor is curious about our possible connections whether in complete alignment / agreement or not.

A neighbor is someone who cares about their neighbors & neighborhood & desires something better for us all.

A comrade realizes we are all in this together, meaning all of us or none of us as we co-create our liberation & freedom.

A comrade comes with an open heart, trusting together we can meet our wants, needs, and desires.

A comrade lets us know when we can do better.

Our Birds / Co-Creators

A Co-Creator is someone with whom we build, make, and create because they believe in Our Praxis / Our Tree.

Co-Creators help deepen our understanding & practice of it, thus making Our Praxis real.

Co-Creators join us on a project for a specified duration of time & co-own everything we co-create.

Queering Dreams is dependent on Our Co-Creators to seed & realize Our Collective Dreams.

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About Crystal Mason & Jason Wyman

An illustration of Crystal Mason by Jason Wyman with a large smile on their face and wearing glasses with multiple piercings.

Crystal Mason is an activist, artist and cultural worker who works to create space for imagining, conjuring and sharing our dreams of a better, more just world. They have over 25 years experience in Arts Administration and programming. They were formerly Co-Director of Queer Rebels and a board member since 2012. Crystal also co-founded Luna Sea Women’s Performance Space and was Executive Director of the Jon Sims Center for the Arts. In Berlin, where they lived for 9 years, they co-owned Schoko Café, a women’s art and culture center. They are a co-founder, along with Jason Wyman of Queering Dreams, a new art, care and community-expanding network that’s collectively dreaming & creating our liberation (from capitalism & White Supremacy & patriarchy & ableism & colonialism & all oppression & tyranny. In 2021 they appeared in Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s latest film Heaven 58. Find Crystal on IG: @ham_job1. and at crystalmason.net or treeofchange.net

An illustration of Jason with a large smile on their face and wearing a beanie.

Jason Wyman is Queerly Complex, an anti-binary social practice artist living & creating on Yelamu, unceded Ramaytush Ohlone land or what colonizers named San Francisco. A mystical convener, Wyman creates spaces for comrades to explore & discover who they be individually & collectively. They work with dreams, value(s), structures, & equity to conjure forms of liberation & healing. Wyman’s art-making centers the messy, intangible, emotive, & esoteric bits that make us human. It’s resulted in a large-scale, participatory sticker mural with artists Celi Tamayo-Lee & Mary-Claire Amable for the Asian Art Museum, a national Youth Media Network co-produced with Myah Overstreet, and Queering Dreams, an intergenerational, cross-territorial network of artists, neighbors, & comrades dreaming & co-creating our liberation from oppressive systems, with Crystal Mason.

Find Jason on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: @queerlycomplex

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Welcome To Queering Dreams: We are a call to purpose, to intention, to autonomously gather, to dream our collective liberation into being.


Hey y'all: I'm queerly complex. Today, that means loving fearlessly + living radically. Tomorrow, who knows? They / Them.
Dreams, of love!