Welcome To Queering Dreams!

We are a call to purpose, to intention, to autonomously gather, to dream our collective liberation into being. 

What can you expect from Queering Dreams? 

  • Event announcements for experiences that center our liberation from capitalism & White Supremacy & patriarchy & ableism & colonialism & all oppression & tyranny.

  • Queering Dreams Episodes & transcripts featuring Co-Founders Crystal Mason & Jason Wyman sharing tools, tips, and resources from their Applied Dreaming Praxis. 

  • Interviews with Co-Creators & Artist-Comrades.

  • Memes, gifs, media, and other art that further the queering of our dreams. 

Who We Be

Crystal Mason and Jason Wyman have over 50 combined years of experience in intergenerational co-creation, arts administration, and community organizing. For the last six years, they’ve both been applying all they’ve learned and discovered in their many years of experience through a practice of personal and communal dreaming. This intersectional practice is resulting in an emergent praxis (e.g. methodology, model, framework, etc.): Applied Dreaming.

Queering Dreams’ Mission

Queering Dreams is a new art, care, and communities-expanding network by Crystal Mason & Jason Wyman & YOU that's collectively dreaming & creating our liberation (from capitalism & White Supremacy & patriarchy & ableism & colonialism & all oppression & tyranny.)

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A Grounding Dream

Queering Dreams comes with open hearts, full of gifts, and a willingness to be in the process of co-creation. We bring with us and make community with those who understand: we must do better. We want to walk away with shared dreams and visions of what it can look, feel, and be like to live, to love, and to build something new, outside the prerogatives of capitalism & White Supremacy & patriarchy & ableism & colonialism & all oppression & tyranny.

Emergent Guiding Values & Practices

A note about emergent:  “[E]mergence notices the way small actions and connections create complex systems, patterns that become ecosystems and societies. Emergence is our inheritance as part of this universe; it is how we change.” Emergent Strategies, adrienne maree brown

Queering Dreams value consent. Queering Dreams believes all have autonomy over what they consent to and that they can recant their consent at any time. Queering Dreams practices this by: 

Queering Dreams values communal, applied dreaming. Queering Dreams believes that dreaming together and then working together to make them real is a key to our liberation from capitalism & White Supremacy & patriarchy & ableism & colonialism & all oppression & tyranny. 

Queering Dreams values conversation. Queering Dreams believes conversation is how we cultivate trust, vulnerability, camaraderie, and solidarity. Plus, conversation is part of deep and long-standing traditions. Queering Dreams practices this by:   

Queering Dreams values community media. Queering Dreams believes that what we co-create are crucial records of communal dreams, contain easy-to-use tools, and articulate collective actions. Queering Dreams believe those records should be freely shared for others to witness. We believe witnessing communal dreams, sharing tools, and publicly holding ourselves accountable to action amplifies the possibilities of our communal dreams becoming realities.

Queering Dreams values accessibility. More coming soon.

Queering Dreams values joy & pleasure & care. More coming soon.

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The Queering Dreams Network & Offerings

A Space for Applied Dreaming

A 75- to 100- minute sessions led by either Crystal, Jason, or both that provides space for groups of any size to dream, query, and find possible actions.

Queering Dreams Co-Created (Virtual) Events & Experiences & Offerings 

Queering Dreams co-creates virtual events & experiences & offerings with our network of Comrades. Currently, this includes either Crystal Mason or Jason Wyman being in co-creative process (see below for more information) with at least one additional Queering Dreams’ Comrade Interest Form and mark “I wanna co-create with you,” as a response.   

The Queering Dreams Media-Ring & Channel 

The internet is (very simply) a series of loops that connect to one another through platforms and people. Increasingly, platforms are becoming more tightly controlled, commercialized, and centralized. A way to short-circuit / bypass this control, centralization, and commercialization is connecting people to each other outside of platform dependency. 

Client Services: Applied Dreaming & Community Expansion 

Queering Dreams Applied Dreaming Praxis, Comrade List & Archive, and Media-Ring & Channel are an asset to any organization, business, community group, non-profit, art / media / design collective, or institution seeking to expand who understand we must do better and who want / need / desire to co-create something outside the prerogatives of capitalism & White Supremacy & patriarchy & ableism & colonialism & all oppression & tyranny.

Queering Dreams Virtual Experiences & Festivals -- Looking for a unique arts & cultural experience that gets your community involved in pre-production, production, and post-production? Queering Dreams has extensive experience producing virtual festivals and events since before COVID. We can work with you to identify platforms, co-producers, performers, artists, and the budget needed to create engaging virtual experiences that bring your community together to dream and act.

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