Tea with Rupy & Jason

Rupy C. Tut & Jason Wyman invite immigrant artists of any practice living anywhere to join us for tea.

Calling All Immigrant Artists Near & Far!

Rupy C. Tut & Jason Wyman invite immigrant artists of any practice living anywhere to join us for tea. We’ll take time and space to boil the water, select our tea & spices, savor our tea & conversation, enjoy a tasty treat, pause before the last few sips, and take the last gulp together.

Tea with Rupy & Jason builds on their two years of work supporting immigrant artists through a series of Video Roundtables, Workshops, and a Salon to launch an Immigrant Artist Network in 2022.

At Tea with Rupy & Jason, you’ll have space to see & be seen as we share tea & story & art in circle & refine our plan for a new Immigrant Artist Network.

Tea is set for Saturday, November 13, 2021, from 10am to 12pm PT / 1pm to 3pm ET.

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Rupy & Jason Talk Tea

Artists Rupy C. Tut and Jason Wyman sit down and share a bit more about their tea. Plus, you get a peek into their process of creating the Immigrant Artist Network.

Rupy C. Tut

Rupy C. Tut is an Oakland based painter dissecting historical and contemporary displacement narratives around identity, belonging, and gender. As a descendant of refugees and a first generation immigrant, Rupy’s family narrative of movement, loss, and resilience is foundational to her creative inquiries. Her work engages in strict practice of traditional materials and methodology associated with Indian miniature painting as she continues to add contemporary images and characters to a centuries old visual language.

Rupy’s work has recently been highlighted through exhibition and a select artist panel for the deYoung Open, deYoung Museum (San Francisco) in 2020.

Rupy's practice expands to include calligraphy of South Asian scripts. Her painting and calligraphy are also translated into the medium of photography and stop motion video resulting in large scale visual projections challenging the historical notion of Indian painting as restricted to smaller frames and intimate viewing only.

Jason Wyman

Jason Wyman is Queerly Complex, an anti-binary social practice artist living & creating on Yelamu, unceded Ramaytush Ohlone land or what colonizers named San Francisco. A mystical convener, Wyman creates spaces for comrades to explore & discover who they be individually & collectively. They work with dreams, value(s), structures, & equity to conjure forms of liberation & healing. Wyman's art-making centers the messy, intangible, emotive, & esoteric bits that make us human. It's resulted in a large-scale, participatory sticker mural with artists Celi Tamayo-Lee & Mary-Claire Amable for the Asian Art Museum, a national Youth Media Network co-produced with Myah Overstreet, a fully immersive installation at Black & White Projects called Be Jason, & numerous zines, site-speciic performances, social interventions, and intergenerational programs.

You can find Wyman's work at www.queerlycomplex.com & www.jasonwyman.com & www.jasonwymanisqueerlycomplex.com