QUEERSPELL with Ash Tré Phillips & Jason Wyman

You don't have to hide your weird, queer, magical self with us. In fact, you might discover even a thing or two about your ethnography and cosmology.

Calling All Witches & Magic Makers & Weavers of Spells & Deep Thinkers & Magical Mystic Queers!

Queer Mystics Jason Wyman & Ash Tré Phillips are offering two workshops this month for fellow queer & trans & nonbinary & anti-binary siblings & comrades & relations. We know that it can be hella hard having to hide a part of yourself to celebrate a holiday you really don’t want to be celebrating. So we’re holding space & time both before and after this holidaze to reflect, cast, and chart our ethnographies & cosmologies.

Are you looking for a way to chart your relations through space & time by observing an object in your home?

In the Ethnography of Everyday Objects on Monday, November 22, 2021, Queer Mystics Jason Wyman & Ash Tré Phillips will get you thinking hella differently & questioning hella deeply about something as simple as a spoon or as personal as your phone. Come with at least one object & be wondered by how it can become a portal to your personal cosmos, one you might not even know exists.

The Ethnography of Everyday Objects

Do you already have a practice of magic or divination and are looking for a new way to engage with the esoteric?

Then join Ash & Jason in a zine-making workshop that will blow your mind & give you a whole new cosmos upon / within which to lay / create your magic & divination. Bring your favorite tools / decks / objects / texts, some paper, and your favorite pens / makers / pencils, and learn how to unfold your own queer cosmology.

Unfolding Queer Cosmologies

Jason & Ash Talk QUEERSPELL

Ash Tré Phillips

A Being Currently in Flux. They/Them

Educator | Poet | Twitch Streamer | TBD

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Jason Wyman

Jason Wyman is Queerly Complex, an anti-binary social practice artist living & creating on Yelamu, unceded Ramaytush Ohlone land or what colonizers named San Francisco. A mystical convener, Wyman creates spaces for comrades to explore & discover who they be individually & collectively. They work with dreams, value(s), structures, & equity to conjure forms of liberation & healing. Wyman's art-making centers the messy, intangible, emotive, & esoteric bits that make us human. It's resulted in a large-scale, participatory sticker mural with artists Celi Tamayo-Lee & Mary-Claire Amable for the Asian Art Museum, a national Youth Media Network co-produced with Myah Overstreet, a fully immersive installation at Black & White Projects called Be Jason, & numerous zines, site-speciic performances, social interventions, and intergenerational programs.

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