Improve Gateway & 60-Second Advocacy

Improv Player & Arts Advocate Momos Cheeskos uses play, delight, and passion to help us loosen up, talk story, and embody our liberation

Calling All Who Desire to Loosen Up & Those Who Need to Sway Someone(s)

San Francisco artist, improvista, and arts advocate Momos Cheeskos offers two incredible workshops right before the holicraze to help us co-create some levity, connect with folx of shared values, and share our passionate & silly stories. Both workshops provide a semi-structured, equity-centered environment so that you can let go and just be your self, should you so desire. These are spaces to see and be seen, which are so crucial as we consider how to share space and time with relatives and relations who may not accept us fully as we are.

Improv Gateway for New & Seasoned Players will get you tossing a virtual ball, moving while making silly sounds, and improvising a scene with at least two other players. You don’t need any skills in acting or performing, just a desire to be brave and take a risk and see what happens. It’s on Monday, November 15, 2021, at 4:30pm PT / 7:30pm ET.

60-Second Advocacy is perfect for anyone who wants help sharing something about which they are passionate in around 60-seconds. This is especially helpful for anyone who needs to make public comment at a Police Commission / Board of Ed meeting or anyone who might find themselves stuck around a dinner table with your QAnon uncle. Momos will make it easy for you to share exactly how you feel. It’s on Thursday, November 18, 2021, at 4:30pm PT / 7:30pm ET.

All workshops are limited to 12 people and are Pay-What-You-Can (and pay more if you got it.)

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Momos Cheeskos & Jason Wyman Talk Improv Gateway

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Momos Cheeskos & Jason Wyman Talk 60-Second Advocacy

Momos Cheeskos

Momos Cheeskos is a Black Queer Woman, activist, storyteller, visual artist/performance, festival producer and percussionist with years of successful experience as a multi-talented, public facing performer and producer. She is also a dynamic Creativity/Life Coach, Co-Director of Arts.Co.Lab, Emerging Art Professionals Alumni/Mentor and Culture Equity Advocate. Momos is also a member of Queer Rain.

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